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13 August 2017

We say that we are the church of Christ, we believe in God and trust him but do we really act in this way?  Or do we act like Peter on the water and allow our doubts or worries about practical things get in the way?  We need to discern God’s plan and then let God take control.  It is when we let the worldly worries get in the way that things don’t happen. Bible reading from Matthew 14:32,33.

23 July 2017

Intro As I was reading the parable for today I found myself thinking of times when I was little and would help my parents in pulling out weeds in the yard. The funny thing is that it was something that was usually quite closely supervised. I think this was because little kids, in an effort…



2 April 2017   Rev Peter Smale

26 March 2017  Rev Stephen Rothery

19 March 2017  Rev Peter Smale

12 March 2017   Rev Peter Smale

5 March 2017   Rev Stephen Rothery

26 February 2017 Rev Peter Smale  The Transfiguration

19 February 2017    Rev Peter Smale

12 February 2017   Rev Peter Smale

29 January 2017   Rev Peter Smale

22 January 2017   Rev Peter Smale

15 January 2017    Rev Stephen Rothery

8 January 2017     Rev Stephen Rothery

Christmas Day sermon    25 Dec 2016    Rev Peter Smale