Rev. Stephen Rothery

8 October 2017

Identity… Working for the church is a funny thing when it comes to identity… I mean it is always a bit awkward to be at a social gathering and for people to ask “So what do you do”… I can tell you now, it was far easier being an engineer, I mean at least this…

23 July 2017

Intro As I was reading the parable for today I found myself thinking of times when I was little and would help my parents in pulling out weeds in the yard. The funny thing is that it was something that was usually quite closely supervised. I think this was because little kids, in an effort…

Your true identity

In Jesus, through the cross we find our truest and primary identity. Children of God. In our passage from Romans, Paul isn’t saying that we need to earn our place within God’s family, but rather reminding us that the behaviours and perspectives that may have shaped us, entangled us, enslaved us before we knew God no longer make sense. Paul is reminding us “That isn’t who you are anymore”.

Part of the mystery of faith is that God promises that through the cross, we are adopted into God’s family, that we are called by name and claimed as sons and daughters of God. That although we often forget, often make mistakes, that we share in the identity of Jesus, share in his grace, have shared in his death and will share in his new life.